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Can you imagine starting life out with a huge financial advantage because your parents invested in your behalf several years prior?  This isn't the reality for most of us.  But that stops now!  This video will teach you how to invest on your kids behalf and what to invest in to set them up for life.

Why do I need a Custodial Account?

If your child is a minor, they are not legally able to have investments unless they are inside of a Custodial Account that can be managed by an adult.  That's where you come in wink wink.  This educational video will walk you through the process of opening a custodial account, which account is right for you as well as what you should invest in once the account is open and funded.

The sooner you start investing for your minor, the more time they'll have for their investments to grow.  Did you know that on average, the stock market earns about 10% per year?  Don't miss out on years of growth and earning potential that they could have had if you had started investing for them earlier.

Does this sound like you?


I would love for my kids to have what I didn't have.


I want my kids to be financially independent.


I want my kids money to grow and work for them.


I'm not sure how to get started with investing for my kids.

It's not enough to just open a custodial account for your kids.  You'll also need to pick investments for the funds in the account.  But don't stress! We'll also cover sound investments that have a proven record of performing over time.  I'll walk you through those investments and why they are a great addition to your custodial account.

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What's inside the video?


Education on the top Custodial Accounts


What you'll need to open your custodial accounts


Education on Index Funds, why we should invest in them and how to purchase them


A peek inside of my Custodial Account


Keallah Smith

I remember getting my first job when I turned 16 but little did I know, my parents also opened me a Custodial Roth IRA at the same time.  As I continued to work, my parents added funds to that account and invested them in the stock market.  When I was in my 20s, I was amazed at how that money had grown and how much of a benefit it was to my financial stability.  I knew I would do the same for my kids but even younger.  Now, with 4 beautiful boys, they all have custodial accounts which I contribute to regularly.  They'll have an even bigger financial leg up than I had.  Let's build rich kids together!

The more you learn, the more you earn.

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